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Alan has several signature keynotes, but he is happy to customize a Communications or Coaching topic to meet the specific needs of your organization. Any of these topics are available in 30-minute, 60-minute, 90-minute, half-day, and full-day formats, and may be presented as a keynote speech, training seminar, workshop, webinar or conference breakout session.





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The Four Questions: Winning at What Matters

In this fast-moving and example-filled keynote, the Four Questions will entertain and challenge you to make the changes that will give you true success. Borrowed from the world of athletic coaching and applied to life, the answers to the Four Questions have the power to get you started on something new, put a new shine on a current endeavor, and provide the motivation to finish a task that seems too daunting to complete.

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Everyone wants to have success. In our career. In our relationships. In keeping our bodies and habits healthy. In our competitions and our hobbies. In what we give back to those around us. But whether we lack the motivation to start, the power to stick with it, or the joy in finishing, there are plenty more people who want success than those that actually achieve it.

But it’s really not that hard. Most of us have been chasing the wrong goal and ending up with results that leave us – and those we could have impacted – short-changed.

The Four Questions have changed coaches, teachers, sales professionals, clergy, managers, business owners, non-profit volunteers, community servants, elected officials, doctors, lawyers, truck drivers, dishwashers, stay-at-home moms, speakers, and speech coaches. These principles changed my life and they can do the same for yours.

Confront your destiny to reach your greatest achievements by inviting the Four Questions in to transform your organization today.

Winning Communication: Strategies to Connect and Convince

In this fast, fun, and example-filled presentation, discover three critical principles of communication that you can apply to impress any audience.  With immediate applicability to presentations, content marketing, emails, voicemails, training, and personal conversations, you will change the impact of your communication.

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We know the rules to soccer, baseball, chess, and Monopoly.  The cultural conventions of our organization are played with regulations we understand and accept.  But what about communication?  Meetings. Emails. Presentations. Written content. Blogs. Pitches. Status updates.  How do we win in these highly competitive environments with so much on the line?

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognize pitfalls in your communication that block its effectiveness
  • Apply three easy tips to improve all forms of communication, including presentations, emails, written content, blogs, letters, voicemails, meetings, training, interviews, and personal conversations
  • Deliver messages that your audience will not forget and discover new ways to deliver messages with clarity and impact.

Coaching to Win: The Four Corners of Behavior Change

In this example-filled keynote, discover what you can learn from championship teams to develop and execute to create your own culture of change.

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Everyone says they want change.  Coaches are tasked with creating it.  Whether you identify with the title of “coach” or not, the principles and struggles that coaches overcome can give you the tools to get what you want in your workplace, family, organization, and community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognize the four stakeholders in every situation
  • Identify benefits to using all parties to effect change
  • Apply tips to include all these groups in their mission

Why Modern Business Communication is Killing Productivity (and what you can do about it)

Join Alan to discover the keys to effectively using different communication channels in your own organization to save you time, boost your bottom line, and set your organization back on the path of efficiently reaching your goals.

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You get them every day by the tens, hundreds, or maybe thousands.  You attend them every week in chunks, sometimes for multiple days at a time.  You participate in dozens every month.  You sleep through them, make fun of them, and try to avoid them.  This ubiquitous enemy is business (mis)communication — in the form of emails, text messages, voicemails, meetings, webinars, bad slide decks, drop-in visits, and conference calls.

All of these messages come at a cost.  When your communication is overloaded and ineffective, that cost rises and your productivity suffers.  It erodes profit, time, good relationships, and satisfaction.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Calculate the cost of poor communication to your working world
  • Use three simple methods to increase efficiency in email communication
  • Apply effective planning principles in the form of three questions to answer about every meeting
  • Differentiate slides from other presentation formats for maximum effect to the listener
  • Identify the major reason why these skills aren’t natural in our work culture and what to do about it

The Silver Bullet: The One Skill Every Communicator Should Use

The Silver Bullet can apply to most any situation, takes relatively little preparation, and is used by the masters of the stage and the pen in just about every forum imaginable. You’ll find ways to immediately put this weapon in your toolbox and WOW your audiences and readers and have them ready to listen to your pitch, platform, paper, or presentation.

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Whether you’re a hesitant speaker or a communicator who wants to be GREAT, this session will teach you a valuable and easy-to-learn technique to captivate your audience. In addition to learning about the Silver Bullet, you will practice and apply it to your message, whether it’s a technical work presentation, a networking event, a sales/persuasion situation, or your online content marketing plan.

Key Takeaways:

  • make the audience WANT to listen to what you say
  • connect with an audience
  • create a movie in the listener’s mind
  • create anticipation in your message
  • have a built-in method to be interesting and energetic in your delivery
  • deliver and design the Silver Bullet to match your situation

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